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The UZMAC company has started its operations in 2017. The core business direction is the supply of the various types of special equipment and machinery from world manufacturers. The driving target of the company is to meet the demand of the local market for quality products corresponding to international quality standards and up to date innovative level, by direct cooperation with manufacturing factories.

UZMAC LLC provides a full range of services from assistance in selecting the appropriate equipment, ordering and completion of all related documentation, monitoring of the order execution, shipment and the entire supply chain, control of installation in place, and providing after sales warranty service.

When ordering a particular type of equipment or machinery, company offers organization of onsite customer visit to the manufacturer’s factory to conduct a plan tour. Individual approach to each client and flexible discount system available form manufacturers allows achieving the optimal price for each customer.

UZMAC has a production site – a service center, a qualified service team and all the necessary equipment for providing warranty and post-warranty service.


UZMAC is the official dealer on the territory of Uzbekistan of the following manufacturers:

  FIORI GROUP, with headquarter in Finale Emilia (MO) Italy, designs, develops and manufactures off-road Concrete Batching Vehicles and Dumpers for the construction industry. The company’s product portfolio is rounded off by the Group capabilities in finding the most effective solution for any customer in making and transporting concrete on-site with a great flexibility, minimizing energy costs and reducing environmental impact. Every day, thousands of cubic meters of concrete are mixed, transported and poured in many different building sites across the world through the FIORI GROUP’s products, particularly in Piling, Foundation, Concrete products, Industrial & Residential buildings, Municipalities & Urban Infrastructures, Railways, Roads, Bridges, Canal Lining, Irrigation, Tunneling, Mining and Concrete Supplying.
  DIECI – the Italian company more than 40 years successfully engaged in production of telescopic loaders and other equipment for industrial, construction and agricultural needs. History of the company has begun in 1962 in Emily’s city with production of a concrete mixer. Over the years the product range of the DIECI company considerably extended, all new types of the equipment went on sale, the model ranges were developed over time. In 1982 the first telescopic DIECI car has descended from the conveyor of the company. Maneuverable and compact loaders from the Italian producer have got love of users. Now DIECI surely takes leader positions in the field of production of telescopic loaders.
  Dulevo International has grown to establish itself as worldwide leading floor sweeper and scrubber company, offering top quality industrial cleaning machines, sweepers, scrubbers, vacuums, cleaners, tools and burnishers. As a company Dulevo brings everywhere in the world the best sweeper and scrubber technologies available on the global market. In every respect, you can be guaranteed that a Dulevo approved product that you invest in, will be more reliable and perform better than any equivalent looking product offered by a competitive supplier.



  BIG JOHN is the company with a 34-year experience, specializes in production of the hinged equipment for change and transportation practically of any trees which can be established on trucks, loaders or trailers, the built-in water supply system significantly facilitating process of digging of the earth and also survival of the replaced trees.It is one of the most competitive and most successful cars in a line of the offered products. Each BIG-JOHN car is a result of successful symbiosis of experience and the innovation spirit of development. Establishing new standards in terms of the maximum reliability and productivity, with low cost of service they guarantee safety and safety in operation, within many next years. BIG JOHN transplanters of trees represents a mobile tower with four edges, mounted on the truck, a trailer or the tractor loader. This equipment allows mechanizing processes of change of trees completely. Units passed all necessary tests-100% survival of trees. Productivity of a trasnplanters is very high – from 350 sq.m of woodland area in a cycle.
 In a challenging market environment, Cukurova Makina is geared to expand and develop its dealer network in global, demonstrating an even greater competitive advantages in all markets where it has presence. To that end it will maintain its product initiative and further increase its market shares in a large number of sales markets. As a growing brand, building a positive image is a key success factor for binding customers emotionally to the Cukurova brand. Our goal is therefore to keep steadily improving our brand image position and our attractive product range by achieving synergistic cooperation between our staff, business partners and customers.
MEKA has a strong design and manufacturing infrastructure and is very knowledgeable in the sector. The biggest target of our company, which follows a customer-oriented development strategy, is full satisfaction of its customers. MEKA concrete batching plants, reaching all over the world, has been increasing its export market and turning its competition power in favour of Turkey. MEKA, having a production capacity of 200 plants annually, will carry out its activities in order to be a global market by increasing its annual production capacity up to 500.

  • Quality product with more functional and advantageous concrete batching plants to our customers;
  • Customer-focused growth strategy targeting full satisfaction;
  • Special solutions to our clients in the field of concrete batching plants with our professional staff;
  • Without compromising quality, to develop long term and lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers based on trust;
  • In addition to protecting our leadership in the domestic market, to be a recognized and preferred company in the world market
Damcon, already more than 40 years a reliable name in the green business. The company’s products work in the nursery of trees, several other planting materials and for landscaping. The team of employees consists of 20 people working daily to create high-quality products. The company offers solutions to problems with mechanization by developing and manufacturing its own machinery. The range of the company is wide and varies between planting machines, maintenance machines and machines for raising trees.
  Magnum is a global brand in the mobile products industry. Mobile diesel-powered lighting towers, dust suppressors systems, mobile diesel generators & diesel water pumps, are Magnum four cornerstones where the company build day after day success. In fact, Magnum is now one of largest lighting tower manufacturer in the world. That was the first product line the company introduced. Diesel Generators, Diesel Water Pumps, and Dust Suppression Units have been added to the product line throughout the years and with the expertise of Generac, company have experienced continued growth and success in the industry.  
   Schäfer-technic is a medium-sized company with approximately 45 employees. The area of business includes machinery for road maintenance and repair, vehicle construction, control technology and services. The development, design and manufacture of bitumen processing machinery and equipment for road construction and maintenance are the main areas of activity. More than 20 years of experience guarantee practice proven machinery in this field. In 1982 schäfer-technic together with Lothar Schäfer and councillor Noe from the Steinfurt district designed and built a surfacing machine. This machine set off a development which immensely improved the productivity and quality of road surface treatments with the simultaneous spraying and spreading of the road with gravel. The schäfer-technic machine programme in the field of road repair includes, for example, small devices for crack repair, heaters for grouting …. right up to machines for microsurfacing and thermal oil-heated storage and transport tanks.

On July 13, 1956, under the guidance of the China’s Central Committee and with assistance from the former Soviet Union, construction of China’s first automotive production base was completed. Known at that time as First Automotive Works (FAW) and now as First Automotive Group Corporation, this sprawling car and truck manufacturer headquartered in Changchun, China firmly launched the country into the automotive age.

After fifty years of development and refinement, tremendous changes have taken place within FAW. In stark contrast to the early days of producing a single model of medium truck, FAW now produces hundreds of models of light, medium, and heavy trucks for every vocation. In the late 1950’s, FAW quickly responded to market demand and commenced automotive and bus production, soon making FAW the leading producer of buses and luxury tourist coaches in China. In stark contrast to our early days, overall production volume has swelled from 30,000 units to an annual figure approaching one million. Under an evolutionary development of corporate infrastructure from that of a traditional state enterprise to a profitable and diversified group organization with the right combination of lean and progressive qualities, FAW is solidly in place to become a global player in the automotive industry.

After surpassing the one million unit annual sales figure in 2005, FAW Group Corporation has set exciting new goals as the company makes use of the latest in information technologies to keep our people and customers connected worldwide, thus ensuring an important competitive edge in the marketplace

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