Nursery Diggers ( Model 54T )



Nursery diggers are designed for prepared ground nursery digging and they fit a myriad of skid steer loaders. They are lightweight with AR400 cold formed, straight blades, and can move trees from 1” to 5” in diameter. All of nursery diggers models come with an electric valve bank and handheld wireless remote control system. They are designed for ease of maintenance with easily changeable parts.

Several customization options are available for the units. The size, number, shape, or position of blades, add hydraulic stabilizers, and attach adjustable leveling pads can be changed.



Tree Trunk Diameter 1'-5'
Root Ball Width 54'
Root Ball Depth 26 1/2'
Root Ball Weight 2,000 lbs
Total Machine Weight 2,225 lbs
Blade Tower Height 59'
Gate Opening 23 1/2'
Operating Width 127'
Number of Spades 4
Hydraulic Get Lock yes
Adjustable Hydraulic Pads no
Adjustable Mechanical Pads no
Spade Material AR400
Drive System 10-16 GPM